Spring fever is in the air!! Perhaps we’re a little early but spring is traditionally the season for a renewal and where the New Year moves into top gear! Here at Fitzgerald Estates we’ve had a record breaking winter so we’re very excited to see what springtime brings!! We’re finding demand is very high for those 3 bedroom villas where those Europeans who are keen to decamp to Cyprus for a lower tax and lower stress lifestyle are making their new homes with workspace, banishing the daily commute forever.

One of our 3 websites is currently in the process of a major overall and remix..making it even more powerful as a marketing tool. Have a look at the newly revamped cypruspropertyboutique.com where you’ll find some excellent value upto and perhaps occasionally beyond 1 million Euros.

Prices in Cyprus are increasing but are still outstanding value in comparison to the majority of Western Europe. Now could be the perfect time to downsize if you’re in a larger property as the price you’ll receive could be well in excess of what you might have expected a year ago.

Always remember too that Fitzgerald Estates are marketing in so many ways and in ingenious ways to introduce your property to the largest possible audience, meaning that with our optimistic and realistic prices sales happen faster and of course our choice of properties for buyers increases all the time!

Also this spring we are expanding our sphere of influence to increase our activity in the Limassol district and we’ll be advertising extensively on Viva FM Limassol which is launching there too.

At Fitzgerald Estates we’re growing as we have the power and contacts to ensure that your property purchase or sale goes exactly to plan. Our team is the best and this fact is supported by our record sales and a record number of satisfied clients from all over the world.

Be part of our success as we spring into spring at Fitzgerald Estates take a look at fitzgeraldcyprus.com cypruspropertyboutique.com and of course our latest property auctions at fitzgeraldprestige.com.

Call us on  (00357) 26 930345 or 7000 88 77.  Always remember that we speak your language too! Let us prove to you how we became the force we are today at Fitzgerald Estates!

Should you wish to take advantage of Fitzgerald’s tried and proven marketing system please email Fitzgerald’s your Title Deeds and Stamped Sales Agreement and contact us at www.fitzgeraldcyprus.com or fitzgeraldcyprus.com or cyprusproperyboutique.com on 7000 8877, 00357 26930345 or pop into our office on the road from Kings Avenue Mall to Paphos Harbor 300 meters on the right, Monday to Saturday 8:45 to 5:30 — no break for lunch.