Fritz Langer and his wife Ursula had been living in Aachen in Germany all their lives around a century between them… Fritz working as a civil servant and Ursula as a florist. However on rainy Sunday afternoons they began to dream of a new life somewhere with an easier more relaxed attitude and less regimented system, somewhere where they would have more time to themselves and perhaps start their own small business, but on their own terms.

They began to think of all the places they’d been on holiday and enjoyed for a couple of weeks. France?… Too European with too much rain …  Malta? Very crowded and only a tiny island …  Morocco? Felt too risky for them…

Then they remembered Cyprus! Easy to integrate with the system and start a business being in the EU, a cosmopolitan population speaking a selection of languages and great weather with a full selection of seasons to enjoy! Plus very easy to fly to Europe for a few days if needed! The choice was made! A new home, was a priority!

Fritz had heard of Fitzgerald Estates through their extensive advertising campaigns and decided to browse where he found a few properties that were just right! Luckily for him Angelina at Fitzgerald Estates speaks German fluently and using Zoom to take a virtual tour around 3 of the properties a choice was soon made! 10% deposit paid and 3 months later Fritz and Ursula were happily “zu Hause” in Paphos!

They’ve only praise for the way Daryl and the team at Fitzgerald’s make things happen quickly and smoothly! Trust Daryl and his friendly team at Fitzgerald estates to turn your property dreams into your new home in Cyprus ?

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