Donna and Ray from Manchester in the north of England were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary when suddenly they realized that they’d been married for 30 years but had probably only spent 5 years together! Ray was always away driving a huge truck across the UK while Donna had been busy teaching in a primary school and eventually becoming the headteacher!

That was the eureka moment when they realized they wanted a new life where they would have some quality time together! Donna was born in London so perhaps they thought a move south would be a good idea…This idea was soon discounted as their house in Manchester was worth the price of a small studio apartment in London!

Again they thought long and hard … perhaps a new life in France in the sunnier climes of Provence or Brittany? However after a week away on a fact finding trip they soon realized that they would be very lonely if they couldn’t parler Francaise!

Cyprus was a great alternative … they would have beautiful weather, no language problems, access to great healthcare and a myriad of flights to Manchester if they wanted to visit friends or family, or if friends and family wanted to visit them!

Through their extensive marketing Fitzgerald Estates were the first real estate agent that came into view on google! A quick visit to and Donna and Ray were soon ready to explore properties and get ready to begin their new life!

As Coronavirus had begun to disrupt life severely they opted to have a virtual tour of properties with Bella showing the couple a variety of properties using Zoom. On their third virtual viewing they were smitten with a villa in Konia. 10% deposit paid the next day … and 6 weeks later Donna and Ray were the proud owners without stepping foot in the property or on Cypriot soil!

3 months later the couple arrived in Cyprus to begin their new life and were happy to discover that Daryl and the team at Fitzgerald Estates had taken care of everything … Konia residents Donna and Ray say they were pleasantly surprised by how easy everything was … they didn’t have to do anything! They would certainly recommend Daryl and the team at Fitzgerald’s! “Trustworthy, efficient and nothing was too much trouble!” Thank you Donna! Welcome to Cyprus!