6 Steps to Success

            1. BUYERS & SELLERS are celebrating Fitzgerald’s ON-LINE VIDEO sales.

            2. Book your ON-LINE VIDEO sales at your favorite quality property at your convenience.
            3. All legalities are in order to protect you and Fitzgerald’s guarantee it.
            4. Finalize the price.
            5. Pay the deposit to take the property off the market for you.
            6. Agree the completion date for final payment and hand over of the keys.

Buyers and sellers are celebrating Fitzgerald’s ON-LINE VIDEO SALES and AUCTIONS with 6 sales already achieved this year for villas (big to small), town houses and apartments.

All our ladies are waiting for your booking for you to see our quality property at your convenience.

Fitzgerald’s guarantee that all the legal paperwork is in order and any little jobs to be done.

This is great for the sellers too because they get a great price and everything is done for them too.

Should you wish to take advantage of Fitzgerald’s tried and proven marketing system please email Fitzgerald’s your Title Deeds and Stamped Sales Agreement and contact us at www.fitzgeraldcyprus.com on 7000 8877, 00357 26930345 or pop into our office on the road from Kings Avenue Mall to Paphos Harbor 300 meters on the right, Monday to Saturday 8:45 to 5:30 — no break for lunch.